Water Shower 2019


“We are always looking for new and innovative technologies to integrate into the bathroom space to further enhance the user experience,” said Bridget Hatter, Product Manager at Delta. The company recently announced the launch of the new suspension shower head with LED lighting. “These new pendants offer a distinctive appeal in your space, combining cultivated patterns with modern technology,” Hatter said. “The quiet illumination of water-based LED accent lights, combined with H2OKinetic technology, transports you from the shower to the spa.” water. As a result, they cover three times more than a standard showerhead. And the pause function slows down the flow of water so you can shave, lather, etc. while maintaining your temperature settings.


“Thermostatic technologies are increasingly used in bathtub technology and the GRAFF M series is an excellent representation,” says Celine Marcotte, Business Development Manager at GRAFF. She says the M Series is designed to simplify the installation process while offering a custom shower. “With the GRAFF M-Series modular system, the installer can organize various taps and shut-off / volume valves to suit many applications,” says Marcotte. “This innovative system aligns each piece behind the wall in a single stacked valve, without having to connect each element with a separate pipe.” The system can accommodate up to seven different functions with four different handles.

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