Underutilized Spaces

Space under the stairs

The space under the stairs is usually ignored or put in plasterboard. But, with the right to reuse, it’s a useful surface. Before opting for gypsum on an empty surface, consider turning it into a children’s play area. It may not be a very good space for adults, but it’s the perfect place to set up storage, or even to create a theater.

No children? The space under the stairs can be an ideal mini-library. The installation of simple shelves means that your favorite books stay dry, organized and easily accessible.

Nothing looks like your own bed – unless it’s the foot of your own bed. This underused space is ideal for solving storage problems, especially if your home lacks closets. A hinged pouf becomes the perfect place to put on shoes and can store blankets, sheets, clothes and other fast access items. Or, add a desk and a chair for a study area that will not fit on your walls. Rethink the space at the foot of your bed as a functional square footage and it becomes more than just a place for your socks.

The cloakroom is one of those spaces without which we can not live, but we do not really want to see. It can become a garbage dump for backpacks, coats and shoes, so put it to work: rearrange it to create a corner for homework. If your children tend to drop their backpacks there anyway, a small office with a dedicated and dedicated study space makes sense. It will prevent the endless papers and pencils from your main living space and provide children with a quiet, close to action work place.

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