Surprising Building 2018

The return of the veranda

A popular design in the 90s, solariums slowly took the path of the dinosaur. Solariums are now the kids back in 2018, adding much needed light and space to new homes. The advantage of a porch is that it can work as you wish. For some, it’s an entertaining space. Other families use it as room for games and gatherings. Some households turn their solarium into an indoor green space. A room that invites tons of natural light is obvious, which is why more and more designs incorporate a large glass surface.

Cement elements

You may hear “cement” and immediately think of garages and driveways, but cement is a beast of burden in home design. This year, builders used cement elements to create industrial loft flooring and even super durable countertops. If you like the idea of cement but are not ready to engage in a large-scale aesthetic, try using it as a decoration: cement planters for your favorite greenery or a cement accent table .

Colorful cabinets

White kitchen has been a master in the design world for almost 10 years, but it is about to be usurped. More and more home builders are choosing light or painted wood cabinets to add personality to their kitchens. A lightly tinted pine or oak can be the perfect accent in a white kitchen, and a silver-gray paint can warm an impersonal space.

Natural finishes

Both builders and homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more organic, which means building wood, stone and even bamboo. These natural finishes make a home more comfortable without the clutter of a traditional home. Whether it’s finishing the fireplace with smooth rock or using real wood for a kitchen’s butcher’s block, it’s about bringing calm and serenity from the outside to the inside. . Finish the decor with lots of greenery (think of succulents and houseplants) brings balance to the heavier materials.

To build a house is to create a space that you will love for years to come. If you look at construction trends, you’ll find that colors, textures and finishes come and go. It is best to choose a design and materials that you like that are best for your family. So, when 2018 goes away in 2019, you’ll always love your home (and all its design) as much as you like it on the first day.

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