Powder Room Ideas

Use some creative ideas from Powder Room to create a picture-perfect setting

The first things first. Do not treat your bathroom as an ordinary bathroom. See your half-bath as a tiny treasure chest waiting to be opened and uncovered. So, the first secret to creating a beautiful space is to consider what customers will see the first time they open the door.

Tip: open your half bath door and see what it should look like. Will there be a touch of bold color? Will the vanity and the lights be symmetrical and perfectly centered in the opening of the door? Will colors and textures attract you?

Imagine that you are a photographer and take a picture of your half-bath from outside the room with the door open. Then see how to improve the design for a better photo, like these half bath ideas:

You deal with a small space, so do not be afraid to be bold. One of the easiest ways to make a big statement is with a bold color.

Tip: Forget the rule that small spaces should be white or light. Add your favorite color to the walls. Here are some ideas for bathrooms that add color to your space:

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