Keep Your Clean

Reduce, then reuse or recycle
Green spring cleaning, or really any cleaning, is a lot easier if you do not try to navigate between piles of garbage as it unfolds. Before you start disinfecting, use this opportunity to empty your house. To get started, get three boxes. One is about recyclables, the other items you plan to sell or donate, and the second, items that you think you can reuse. Then, go through your house or apartment room by room and throw everything you want to empty into the appropriate box. Old recipes and magazines, clothes that you have not worn in years, toys your kids do not play with anymore, anything that takes up space in your house is a fair game.

Note that we did not say to have a basket. Ideally, you want to minimize as much as possible the amount you send to a landfill. To do this, think about what can be placed in your recycling bin. Upcycling can help you make the most of your assets while reducing your household waste.

Refresh the air naturally
Ah, spring. There is a feeling of freshness when new growth springs from the earth. In fact, it’s a big part of what drives us to refresh our homes this season. So, of course, you want to open your windows and let in the source. And you should! But if the fresh air is not enough for you, you have a few options to try before you turn to those room sprays filled with who-knows-what.

For starters, you can boil springs of rosemary or citrus zest in a large pot of water while you clean your kitchen. The resulting vapor will fill the space with a fresh and detoxifying scent. And if you want to extend that feeling of freshness to any room in your home, go green. Not really. You can add a number of indoor plants that will purify the air. In addition, their green and living nature allows any space to feel more dynamic.

Choose green cleaners
Look at the list of ingredients for most household cleaners and you will see a long string of words that you can not pronounce. Of course, some of them are completely safe for your family and the planet, but others are not. Rather than keeping a long mental list to do your part for the health of your household and the planet, why not trade your old cleaners with trusted ingredients – and that they probably already have in your kitchen?

Whether you need an all-purpose spray, a bath scrub or a degreaser, we offer eco-friendly cleaning options. When in doubt, a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water is an excellent choice. Add some essential oils for a refreshing scent and you can perform all your cleaning tasks without worrying about the chemicals you leave behind.

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