Home Emergency Kit

Food and water
Dealing with a disaster means evacuating for us, it can also mean that you have to close the hatches. If you are trapped at home and you have to literally wait for the storm, you will need food and water. It is recommended to have enough water for three days of survival, and experts say that “enough” means one gallon per person per day.

Keep many non-perishable products that you can prepare without heat. And if you rely on an electric can opener, slide a manual into your emergency preparedness area. Generally, you need to have enough food in your pantry to last a week and put three days in your bag (see below).

If you lose electricity, the light will be the key. Give yourself a few different options in your emergency kit. While flashlights are easier if you need to go out, lanterns can make chores less difficult to maintain. Plus, they are handy if you have to perform a task with both hands.

It’s a good idea to combine solar and battery powered lighting, as well as many extra batteries. Also add candles. They can add a good sense of calm in case of emergency and you avoid having to look for batteries in the dark.

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