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Stay here

Stay Here lives its slogan: “Makeover. Earn money. In each episode, designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer help tenants of rental properties redefine and rethink their spaces. The goal is to help homeowners optimize their rental income. But this show is not reserved for people with a space they want to list on Airbnb. Because they create spaces that require massive appeal, they teach the owner (and viewer) good design lessons. In addition, as they teach these owners to be exceptional hosts, they offer take-away meals. Watch the show and learn tips and tricks that your future guests will surely appreciate.

In addition, with only one season of eight episodes of 30 minutes, this Netflix Original will not eat your weekend, even if you decide to watch everything in one go. And it starts well, taking you from the first episode. Stay tuned to watch Gorder and Lorimer turn a basic (and fundamentally ugly) barge into such a nice space that you’ll be able to tell new hosts that they might just want to keep it for themselves.

The most extraordinary houses in the world

Not really. These houses are really extraordinary. In the most extraordinary homes in the world, charming hosts, Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin, make you discover truly remarkable properties. The show is especially entertaining because Taylor, a renowned architect, focuses on the structures while Quentin, an actress who loves the property, marvels in front of the houses in a way that will please all laypeople.

Although each episode of the first season focuses on homes installed in specific natural environment types (eg Forest, Coast), the second season is divided by country. The first episode of season 2, USA, will show you a really fun and interesting side of Florida. This might surprise you if you have not followed the latest tropical modernism. Featuring a wide range of themes from global architectural themes to small but significant decorating details, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is one of the best Netflix shows on home design.

Grand Designs

This show is one of the most popular and oldest programs (it will turn 20 in April) in the UK. And now you can feed him Netflix. In each episode of Grand Designs, host Kevin McCloud accompanies visitors throughout the process of creating their home. Sometimes it’s a new construction, sometimes a major renovation, but it’s still a project of considerable magnitude.

What makes Grand Designs so great is his inner look at the process of creating a dream home. In the episodes of new construction, McCloud visits the site intact with the owners before the ground is broken, speaking of their vision. He visits the site again throughout the construction and finishes most episodes by visiting the finished product. When you say the most, it’s because each episode shows you the process of building behind the curtain. When the versions are late, it may mean that they are not finished before the end of the show. This is the real deal. If you intend to build your own home or hire a major repairman, Grand Designs can give you an interior look.

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