Floor Rug Trends 2018

Responsible source

Both a trend in decor and social, people started to think about the origin of their carpets and their impact on the environment. West Elm even launched a range of Fairtrade carpets because it wanted the process of buying ethical carpets to be simplified.

Thinking about the supply chain that brought your carpet home is multifaceted. In addition to ensuring that everyone involved in the creation of the carpet is adequately compensated, environmental factors must also be taken into account. This guide to buying eco-friendly carpet can help you. You will feel a lot more proud to find the perfect carpet because you will know that it comes from responsible sources.

Geometric bohemian

Geometric Bohemian is one of the biggest 2018 carpet trends. Boho is not new to the carpet scene, far from it. However, when it comes to floor coverings, you need to master the full and fluid feel of the bohemian d├ęcor. The geometric patterns provide the perfect opportunity to look at the boho feel without removing a too complicated visual. It’s not new either. Kilim carpets embody this trend and date back to the fifth century.

Even if you do not traditionally choose a bohemian decor for your home, you should not neglect this trend. The geo-boho mashup gives any room an air of sweetness and invitation. It works well in a nursery, where you want everything to be warm and sweet, but also in a bed and breakfast, where you want people to feel comfortable and comfortable. It even blends perfectly into office spaces.


2018 is all about texture. We bring thick blankets, wall hangings in rich fabrics and furniture at the peak of life in our spaces. We want to give our eyes and our hands something to grip on and offer texture. Why not extend that to your feet? A multi-textured rug does not just add an intriguing design to your space, it also makes it more interesting to walk around.

A multi-textured rug can also come to the rescue when you’re torn between a plush rug and a more refined carpet. The different lengths of hair give the carpet a carved look, so you do not have to choose between something sweet and elegant.

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