Favorit Furniture Ideas

Choose clean lines

Look for pieces made of natural materials, which generally appeal to the crowd, with clean lines. Clean lines do not necessarily mean choosing something boring. It simply means that you choose a piece that can fit into a variety of different tastes. You will do yourself a favor, actually. These types of pieces have the power to stay serious. The Yukon Natural coffee table by Crate & Barrel is an excellent example.

Whatever your tastes and those of your partner, change over the years, furniture with clean lines will always be easy to integrate. Think the same for your table, your shelves and your other furniture. You will be more likely to choose parts that will appeal to you and your partner, not just today, but for years to come.

Another way to keep your space clean and attractive for people of varied tastes is to opt for mirrors. When you and your partner have different tastes, the choice of art can be a powder keg. Mirrors are a great way to add visual interest to your space without having to quarrel with design. In addition, they will illuminate any room and make it look bigger.

Go neutral

When trying to choose pieces that appeal to people of different tastes, neutrals are the best. Now, before thinking that we are going to tell you to launder your space and create something so conventional, everyone’s grandmother will love Yes, neutrals are a great solution when trying to mix different tastes. But they must not be boring. You can choose a neutral duvet, then lie on cushions and throw them away as you wish. It is much easier to find smaller accent elements that you and your partner will like. By becoming neutral for large investments, you are establishing yourself with a foundation on which you can build.

If you move in and look for your first sofa, remember that leather is a neutral. And, thanks to the sumptuous texture of this material, it can still have a significant impact. A sleek leather sofa like the West Elm Hamilton Leather Sofa can anchor your living space with a piece of furniture that you both love.

As for your textiles, adopt neutrality as well. By moving in, you may discover that color is a dividing factor for you and your partner. However, you still want to give your space a visual interest, so look for the texture. This Foil Diamonds rug, also from West Elm, is offered in a nice color for the crowd, but its varied depth prevents it from appearing too boring or classic. The linen curtain Fieldcrest Basketweave at Target is based on the texture of the weave, not on the color, for its visual interest.

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