Design for a Classic Home

Breath of the past

There is a reason why some architectural styles have been popular for centuries. By incorporating some of these classic design styles, you’ll be sure your home will age gracefully. Ask for Greek elements by incorporating columns or embrace French style to arched windows. Work with your architect to bring historical elements into a new perspective. Borrow from the past means a chic and stylish future for your home.

Stay simple

Clean lines and simple layouts keep your home cool for years to come. Think about it: Yesterday’s small rooms seem old-fashioned compared to today’s open configuration. This is because homes designed for specific goals and trends are falling victim to the passage of time. What worked five or ten years ago may seem out of date today. That’s why simple design and clean lines work better. After all, it’s much easier to paint simple woodwork than to replace old-fashioned flower cabinets. In design, less is more to age with grace.

Function on the form

An architect worthy of the name will tell you that the form must always follow its function. This means that you should focus on the function of your home before you start thinking about the aesthetics. Of course, you may have always dreamed of a hacienda-style place, but its timeless design focuses on the purpose of the house. Talk to your designer about how you live, work and play. First define the details of the function of your home and you will find that its shape will withstand the test of time better.

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