Daring Home Design

With color, everything is allowed
Yes, neutrals are always – and always will be – important. But 2018 invited us to unveil our preconceptions about color theory and have fun. Jewel sounds have begun to make their mark on the stage, inviting us to amplify the saturation and give our spaces a feeling of richness. Previously forbidden colors were welcome here. Black has even distinguished itself as a decidedly trendy and luxurious color for walls, floors and cabinets. And as we develop our color palettes, we are also expanding our use of color. Gone are the days of a single accent color. In 2018, the superposition of several shades of different accent allowed a piece to shine.

And beyond the simple choice of colors to apply in your home, 2018 has also been a year to explore for the use of these colors. Often forgotten spaces, such as the hall, the ceiling and the entrance door, have been revived thanks to the desire to add vibrant and interesting colors throughout the house.

An eye-catching lighting staged
Of course, our parents told us not to look at the sun. But in 2018, it was hard not to look at the light – at least, the light we brought into our homes. The time of a boring basic lighting that does the job is over. This year we took suspensions from simple to really something. So, you could find them in architectural forms and mixed textures hung in exciting new configurations.

And we did not stop with pendants either. This year, many designers and decorators took risks with unique and original lighting. Even the modest string light has undergone a major upgrade and has been used more widely this year. Some of the trends may not survive after this design recap in 2018, but some others, such as abstract metal chandeliers, are just starting to enjoy the light.

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