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Favorit Furniture Ideas

Choose clean lines Look for pieces made of natural materials, which generally appeal to the crowd, with clean lines. Clean lines do not necessarily mean choosing something boring. It simply means that you choose a piece that can fit into… Continue Reading →

Water Shower 2019

DELTA “We are always looking for new and innovative technologies to integrate into the bathroom space to further enhance the user experience,” said Bridget Hatter, Product Manager at Delta. The company recently announced the launch of the new suspension shower… Continue Reading →

Home Emergency Kit

Food and water Dealing with a disaster means evacuating for us, it can also mean that you have to close the hatches. If you are trapped at home and you have to literally wait for the storm, you will need… Continue Reading →

Closet Organization Tips

Perhaps you are the type of person who likes to organize your wardrobe, get your clothes just right and stand back to admire your work. Or maybe you are the type of person who has the “chair” that accumulates worn… Continue Reading →

While Building a Home

Delineate between desires and needs The first step in an organized construction is to make sure you know the difference between wants and needs. With all the inspiration, trends, materials and ideas available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The fastest… Continue Reading →

Farmhouse Sinks

Materials and finishes Farm sinks come in a variety of materials. According to Monica Weddle, real estate agent / broker at ERA Dream Living Realty in Raleigh, North Carolina, this is boosting their popularity. This is because they work well… Continue Reading →

Keep Your Clean

Reduce, then reuse or recycle Green spring cleaning, or really any cleaning, is a lot easier if you do not try to navigate between piles of garbage as it unfolds. Before you start disinfecting, use this opportunity to empty your… Continue Reading →

Daring Home Design

With color, everything is allowed Yes, neutrals are always – and always will be – important. But 2018 invited us to unveil our preconceptions about color theory and have fun. Jewel sounds have begun to make their mark on the… Continue Reading →

Gloss Gum Drop

Pair the black walls with an adjacent fat wall Yet another idea is to couple the black wall with wallpaper or paint on an adjacent wall. This style works well when you associate a black wall with a silver abstract… Continue Reading →

Surprising Building 2018

The return of the veranda A popular design in the 90s, solariums slowly took the path of the dinosaur. Solariums are now the kids back in 2018, adding much needed light and space to new homes. The advantage of a… Continue Reading →

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