Closet Organization Tips

Perhaps you are the type of person who likes to organize your wardrobe, get your clothes just right and stand back to admire your work. Or maybe you are the type of person who has the “chair” that accumulates worn out (and tried) clothes day after day. Whether you are type A or you take a more relaxed approach to your organization at home, you deserve a beautiful closet that makes dressing and making it easy. To this end, we interviewed our Freshome team and gathered our best closet planning tips.

We know that you do not necessarily want to spend money to keep your wardrobe in perfect condition. But we swear that you will never regret having invested in baskets and / or bins. Why? When you have a quick and easy storage in your wardrobe, it can become a catch-all. This pile of scarves can be neatly tidy. This package of belts becomes a home. Socks and underwear are tidy. In short, baskets and baskets are the easiest way to attack your storage items and avoid clutter.

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